New year new post ideas. 

It’s a new year and I haven’t posted anything in a while. Don’t get me wrong I have tones of new blog ideas. I just don’t know which one to post yet. I really want this blog to truly show you into the life and mind of a Chubby Curly Girl. I don’t want to just talk about fashion and hair. That’s not what this blogs sole purpose is. I’ve been thinking of doing blogs about things I’ve experienced in life to help others down the line avoid my mistakes. Some of the topics I’ve been playing around with are as follows.

 Dealing with Depression as a Christian. 

Staying true to yourself 

Dealing with people picking at your flaws


How to spot a problematic friendship.  

How not to get into a bad situation.AKA ( Don’t let the users use you up.) 

Why I created What My Hair is Doing Today. 

I’ve started all theses blogs but I really need to set some time to focus on each individual one and finish them. Until then tell me which blog you’re interested in reading about first. 

Why I started #SayitwithyourdressSunday ( it’s not a vanity thing it’s a movement)



    As a Christian and a human being I know sometime beauty and fashion blogging can be a turn off to most. When things involve the aspect of focusing on the appearance people tend to think it’s shallow, vain. I understand that completely. You don’t want to get caught up associating your self worth with your appearance. We all need to love who we are inside and out.


    Some of us have different ways of expressing ourselves outwardly. I like to let who I am on the inside shine thorough in my fashion choices. I’m a very creative person that believes in the word of God. I believe you should dress modestly but with your own funky flavor. 


    I don’t dress the way I do to gain attention. I just want to be comfortable in my own skin. I don’t want men to lust at me, so I’m always trying to find on trend modest clothes. However I don’t want to forgo my fashion sense in the process. 


    A lot of people believe if you’re going to church you have to dress a certain way. I’ve seen older saints chastised my self and others for not dressing to their liking. I’ve seen people not come to church because the did not feel they had nice enough clothes. I’ve even skipped church on many occasions because I new if I dressed how I wanted I would be subjected to ridicule. I just want to be me. If there’s no skin showing. If it’s not to short or tight what business is it of yours what styles I prefer.


    In 1 Samuel 16:7 it is explained that sometime we can judge people based on their outward appearance and not take the time to look within. I remember this Christian rapper The Ambassador came out with a song called My clothes my hair that was along the same topic lines. 


You really don’t know what’s in someone’s heart, so you shouldn’t judge them on what you like or don’t like about their look. I’ve known some people that dress fancy and come to every church event. They are there all week long, but they are the ugliest acting people you can meet.  They’ll get the Holy Ghost singing in the church choir but snub folks in the halls. 

If you judged them on they’re style and regular attendance you would think that they have it all together but the message is missing them all the time. You really need to take the time to talk to people to have a full understanding of what’s going on inside.  
I created #sayitwithyourdressSundays to show that Christian women can dress modest but trendy with no judgement. That fashion sense in the church can change without fear from the side eye from the church mothers. It’s my creative way to show how your style can reflect the believer within.


Why colds can be scary for singers. 

   If you know me personally (which lets face it you don’t) you know that I get a lot of colds. Like a lot. It all started when I started dating my husband. He gets colds a lot too. I think it’s because he’s always chewing his nails. I’ve seen him on more the one occasion hold on to a railing bar on a public train then  immediately put his hands in his mouth. He always laughs at me when I yell that “everyone in Chicago has touched that! Do you know how many germs you are putting in your mouth!”  Then there’s the fact that he finishes his friends food if they don’t want the rest. I would never put anything that was near, in, or around someone else’s mouth in mine.( with the exception of kissing my husband)  I guess I’m a Germafobe cause there are times I’m positive he is always sick and getting me sick because of these bad habits. 

As a singer getting sick often forms a bit of aproblems for me. I miss prepaid voice lessons, life changing auditions, and scheduled singing engagement don’t go as well as I would like. My lack of upper register from flem limits me vocally at times. 

It’s also scary. I sometimes find myself wondering if this is it. Is this going to be the cold that kills my voice for good?

 I pray to God often “please please let my voice recover from this bad cold/cough.”

 I take all types of cold medicine and home remedies yet a month later he gets a cold and then I get it.  

There has been a lot of times I cough so much and so hard blood comes up. This is very frightening. When you cough it’s like slamming you vocal chords together very hard. It can cause a lot of bad friction that can create damage. I also often worry about getting polyps on my vocal cord. I don’t even think I have the money to get that fixed. 

Especially the times when we don’t have Heath insurance which happens often cause of my hubby leaving jobs he does not like, and mistakes the affordable care makes.  Every time I get really sick and go to the hospital our insurance gets accidentally cancelled.👀 They ( affordableCare)  never tell us it’s cancelled we just always find out when we get a bill from the hospital saying our insurance did not go through. Then we go through the motions of showing we paid our bill them reinstating us but I still need to pay my hospital bill my self. 

As a singer with uncertain healthcare I worry constantly. When I can’t sing I slip into depression. So if my voice goes away forever I really don’t know what will happen to me. It’s who I am. 


Last Sunday’s #SayitwithyourdressSunday featured a skirt I purchased at Rainbow for $17.97. 

It’s a Striped Wide-Pleated Scuba Skirt with High-Low Hemline. The material feels soft like styrofoam, and it makes it puff out like it has a extra support underneath. 

I pared it with some short boots I purchased at the defunct Dots clothing store a couple Christmases back.  

I wore a plain black turtleneck I got from Target 2 years ago with a silver statement necklace, and silver leopard circle earrings I recieved from two church buddies of mine. 

Now let’s focus on my hair. My curls were originally achieved with a wash N go. After that got old I decided to go with the tried and true three strand twist-out. I decided to bun the front of my hair because my hair is a different texture in the front. The curls were not as prominent. 

Now if the top of my hair seems blue no that’s not a camera malfunction. I tried to spray it Blue with Jerome Russell Bwild hair color spray.  It did not work the way I planned but you can see it in bright light. 

As always I like to bend the rules a little when it comes to my Sunday Service style. Even though it’s not always recieved well I’ve been experimenting with my hair color. Pairing it with different outfits so it doesn’t seem out of place. So I’m thinking conservative punk. 

I know they don’t really go well together. We will see how this experiment goes. 

Taken for granted 

   I hate being taken for granted. I know this is a problem everyone deals with. I try not to take others for granted because I know how it feels, but it’s almost impossible for people not to get lost in the shuffle. 

  Life is hard. While we are all trying to survive we lose touch with friends, and family. They can’t help but feel unloved and unappreciated. 

  I feel like that a lot with my friends. I have friends at church that only talk to me at church. If I miss a few Sunday’s they don’t call or Facebook. A long time ago after a bad break up I stopped going to church for 6 months. None of my church friends called me once. I was heartbroken and I felt so alone. I realized out of sight out of mind is a real thing that can happen to a lot of friendships. 

  But what if your friends not doing well? What if they’re not ok? As someone who suffers from depression I can tell you that there have been more times then I can count that I was really low and close to the edge. No one called no one really wants to know how you really are doing. All these feelings are to messy for most people to handle. So they just fall back. 

Maybe sometimes we should just step out of our comfort zone get dirty and check on our people. Sure It makes us uncomfortable, but in the end we might help someone. 

I’m getting forgetful (New hair products review)

So awhile back I did a video of all the products I received at a recent Natural hair gathering. So what you don’t know is that I forgot about some of the products I received. One product in particular Creme of Nature’s straight from Eden natural oil infused shampoo and conditioner. 

   It wasn’t until I went a another Creme of Nature event that Rachel O. was hosting at a Sally’s that my memory was jogged. It didn’t happen immediately. In fact I didn’t realize it till the car ride home. Everyone kept asking me had I tried any other cream of nature products.  I kept saying a little bit but I’m not using them right now and I’ve only used the redline with Argan oil. One of the people attending the event in particular said I really like the green line that I got at the natural hair meet up recently. Still didn’t remember I had two sets of it in my house, and I told her I hadn’t tried that yet.  I never heard of it. But I have heard of it and it was in my house. 

   So once I realize that it was at my house on the car ride home.  I decided the next day I would wash my hair with it since  I needed a good wash anyway. I also got a really big bag of samples from the cream of nature spokes person that was at the recent event at Sally’s. 



The sample products I received are the Butter-Licoous Curls, Pure-Licious Co-Wash, and Twirling Custard. I also go a free hair comb, & t-shirt.  

So what I want to say right now is after using shampoo and conditioner only wants it really did a good job of removing all the buildup in my hair.  my hair seem to have more stretch. Check out some of the pictures below. 

After I was done cleansing my hair I decided to take a chance and tried to do a wash N go. Usually when I try to do wash n go’s they don’t turn out so great, but after I wash my hair with the creme of nature products it worked pretty well. I got a full two days out of the style and I really enjoyed it. I will probably try again sometime down the line. 

After going to the Creme of Nature #courageousbeauty event for Brest cancer. I started thinking about my little cousin Brianna Who lost her mother to breast cancer a year ago. I decided to give her some of my products. She’s away at college all alone for the first time and she’s natural. Her mother told her always keep your hair natural so I want to help out with that. 

 I’ll keep you posted on how the products work on my hair so far. 

Stay Blessed ✌🏿❤️

I need a vacation!


        It’s been a while. Working two jobs is no joke. I find myself becoming really emotional and depressed lately.  One of the only things that cheers me up other then reading the Bible is day dreaming about going on a family Disney cruise. Yep that’s right I’m obsessed with Disney cruise line. It all started when my sister, a journalist was able to bring our family for free on the christening of the Disney Dream. They pulled out all the stops. They had Jennifer Hudson singing. A hour long show of song and dance with every Disney character ever. Caviar and Champagne was passed out. They really pampered us and that was before we got on the ship. I had never been on a cruise but my parents had. We all agreed it was one of the most elegant places we had ever been to.

     After that experience I was hooked and determined if Jon and I ever got married I wanted our honeymoon to be on the Dream. I got my wish and Jon loved it as much as I did. When it came time to disembark we didn’t want to go. We started asking do y’all need another DJ and singer/dancer? I felt like I was at home on the Dream. It was that comfortable. I wish we had more money so we could go on a seven night cruise.

One of the things I noticed on our first Disney cruise was that my whole family got along better than any vacation we had ever had. There was only one thing missing. The whole family wasn’t there. My sister’s husband didn’t want to go which made the family outing just the original family. I wish he could’ve come it might have been a bonding. Also my boyfriend at the time Jon couldn’t come because we only had one room and my parents wasn’t having that. The biggest surprise was my sister announcing she was pregnant with my niece. 

Now I’m married and I have a niece and nephew. When I daydream I think of their reactions to all the sights on the ship.  When I daydream I think of my brother-in-law loosening up and really enjoying himself, and becoming more of a care free person. I see my parents sitting back and enjoying their family. I see Disney magic working to make the best family vacation ever. Time is not on our side. My parents are getting older and sickly. I worry I won’t get my dream of a whole family vacation.

I used to daydream going with my dad’s side of the family. I knew my cousin Michael love Disney. I use to research hotel and ship accommodations for wheelchair accessibility. Then one day I got a call that my cousin Michael passed away. I remember the last time I talked to him I wanted to tell him about my huge family Disney cruise adventure plane, but I chickened out. I didn’t want him to think I was weird. 

I don’t want another situation like that to happen with my immediate family. So I keep planing,saving, day dreaming, and trying to convince them that this vacation would not be somethings we will regret. Hopefully one day soon I can convince everyone to come on board. Until then I just like imagining our possible fun to get me through the long hard work days.