Oils, my coils,cuts and stuff. Just my thoughts and hair updates

So I’ve been experimenting with my hair a little & doing some research. I’m thinking of purchasing some jojoba oil, avocado oil and almond oil. I already got some castor oil. 
    I only used the castor oil once. It’s really thick and it maid my hair a little sticky. This makes me think I must have used to much. 
   Today my scalp started itching a lot. This brought to my attention that the dandruff problem had stopped and I didn’t even notice. I must have been doing something right. Now it’s itching again from the castor oil I think. Next time I will have a lighter hand when applying that stuff. 
   I’m going to stick with oils and making my own stuff for a while. With the exception of design essentials. I really like it a lot. It makes my hair do things I want without being stiff or sticky. I’m not going to lie though it’s pricy to me. However most natural hair products out there are pricy to me these days. 
   I still have that sore spot on my scalp. My friend Jen sent me some good info I’m going to do some more research on. Im also researching biotin. I’m really trying to grow my hair as well as keep it health and some says that this does the trick. I’m still skeptical about it. You can’t believe everything you see online. 
I think the cause of my soreness might be from to much manipulation styles or to much pulling. Either that or I’m still having an allergic reaction to something.  
   I have really bad food allergies. Some things can even kill me. So if I use a product with all natural stuff in it like nuts or something else it could cause irritation. One problem is that even when I don’t do my hair and leave it out it still gets really sore.
   I don’t know what’s going on but I know it’s growing cause I can see my un-dyed roots and they are getting long. I’m going to try to clip my own ends more. I only did it once and my hair grew like crazy then. After that I was to scared I would cut to much so I stooped.   
   The stylist that did my hair for the wedding said every 8 weeks. Needless to say I did a double take. Online everyone has their theories fro every 6 weeks, 3 weeks to just doing search and destroy. I really think searching everyday for split ends to clip is tedious and time consuming. 
Anyway my hair is in my version of Laila’s braided up do that’s featured on her YouTube Chanel. My friend Jen was wondering how to do protective styles like hers on shorter hair. So I decided to give it a try.   
  It’s a little more difficult to do protective styles on short or medium length hair. I remember when the stylist fist cut my hair I couldn’t do any if my go to styles. I still can’t do half of them. So I did a lot of twist outs and twist styles. I researched new styles on YouTube and Pinterest.  
  My Pinterest board natural hair styles has over 350 styles and products pinned. I get at least 20 notifications a day that someone has followed that board. You should check it out when you have the time. http://www.pinterest.com/mwade81/natural-hair-styles/