Military diet aka the three day diet. Day by day play

   When I first came across the military diet it was on YouTube at the end of last year. I decided to try it out right after thanksgiving to shed some unwanted pounds I packed on. If you remember some of my previous post I’ve been dealing with my weight all my life. 

    There is a long history behind my never ending weight loss journey. The first time I was ever aware I was thicker then most was in the fourth grade. My class mates told me while I was in the bathroom a teacher had been making fun of how fat I had gotten. From then on I started eating salads, exercising daly, and drinking slim fast shakes.   Looking back through pictures I realized I was just really developed. I was a Size D in a training bra world. I had a big chest wide hips and a little waist but to some adults I was considered fat. It wasn’t until I became an adult did I realize back then I was not fat. 

    My weight has gone up and down my entire life. I’ve only gotten to my goal weight three times.  All three of those times was after a lengthy hospital stay after a bout with gastroenteritis. It was not because of diet and exercise. Believe me that was really painful. The only time I ever got close to my goal weight with diet and exercise was just before my wedding. I was 210 pounds and I went down to 170 in two years. My goal was 150 but I still felt good and very proud of myself at the time.  

   So fast forward to three years after my wedding. Despite constantly exercising and eating changes I gained 40 pounds. It seems like nothing really works anymore to propel my body to sheds the pounds accept one thing. The Military Diet or three day diet. I’m going to take you through the last two times I tried this diet out. I want you all to know what to expect. This diet is not for everyone. Especially those with health conditions like diabetes.

   When I first came across this diet it was under the name the three day diet. YouTube had suggested a video from Rocio Laura called How to lose 10 pounds in 3 Days Safely Guaranteed. Naturally I was intrigued. It really seemed to good to be true. After watching her extremely long video I decided it wasn’t something dangerous, in fact doable. The diet really helped me see the error in my many food vices. 

    Things like I can’t go without sugar in my tea or coffee, or large amounts of salt. Everything I eat needs to have seasoning like lemon pepper, Green seasoning. I never eat anything plain. My parents never did and that’s how I was taught. To give an example my parent even taught me to put salt on watermelon. That’s what I have come a custom to. The diet taught me to enjoy the flavors in the food just how they are with no additives. Believe me It was no easy task. I really had to reprogram my brain to accept , and enjoy the food, and I did. Once I got out of my own way things started to go smoother.

Day one


   Day one of the diet the the first time I did the diet and the second I had different reactions. The first time I did the diet I thought day one was going to be hard and it was easy.  Back then I was working from 9:30 am till 11pm. The black coffee no sugar or cream gave me a lot of energy. The second time around on day one I drank organic green tea without sugar, and I was dragging. I did the green tea because I had always read it promotes weight loss. This caused me to have to use the bathroom a lot more but the weight didn’t budge. Day one with coffee I was not hungry,but with the tea the second time around I was starving. I developed a headache that stayed off and on the whole three days.

Day two


   Again the first time I surprised myself at how I was handling the lack of sugar and salt. I also had developed a habit of eating a small bag of chips everyday. I thought I was addicted because every time I give them up for lint I feel like I’m going to lose my mind.  However, during the diet the first time around I was good at managing my cravings. In fact I didn’t crave chips or sweats at all. I felt so much healthier eating veggies, fruits, and meats in smaller portions then I was use to. I felt energized and clean.

       The second time around I was craving everything. I wanted food I didn’t like, food I had never tried, I wanted to eat everything I laid eyes on. My sense of smell got stronger. I knew the bakery two blocks away was making cheese danishes! It got real. And that headache kept coming and going. I started to feel dizzy off and on. Since I switched jobs I worked less hour’s at the morning gig so I thought I wouldn’t have a lot of energy problems. I wanted to lay down behind the cash register so bad. The only thing I think could have contributed to the change was swapping the coffee for tea.

Day three

   The first time I remember day three was a challenge. I was working long hours on a Saturday at my old job. They had a tendency not to let me have my break on time. In fact I didn’t get it till one hours before close. I had eaten the breakfast and lunch before I clocked in. I just needed to eat the dinner during break. But that particular Saturday was a big sale day so things was very busy. We were not allowed to take breaks at the same time so whenever I asked someone else’s was always on break. A lot of people took longer then they should so I was one second from passing out when they finally gave me the ok. Then I couldn’t eat the ice cream till I got home late that night.

   The coffee had also started to make my bladder run a lot. But my old job liked to lock the bathroom to make us be more productive. That last night I got a really bad headache for obvious reasons. I was craving all types of food. My coworkers kept offering me candy and chips when the boss wasn’t looking. But I stayed strong. I had already lost 7 pounds and I really wanted to push for those last 3. 

   The second time. I started to feel sick. I started to rethink the possibility that this  was healthy. I felt like I was going to throw up, and pass out. I had a nasty headache that whole day. That morning I was eating the breakfast on the way to my morning job. Someone cut me off causing my food to fly off the passenger seat on to the floor. So I only really ate a cracker, a bite of cheese, and a slice of apple with black coffee. If it was not for the coffee I think I might have passed out. I think the coffee suppressed my appetite. 

   Lunch didn’t help me feel full cause I could only eat a hard-boiled egg and a piece of toast. I had salt and pepper on the egg cause you can have a little salt for tast. I devoured that egg in one minute. By the time my shift ended I really felt like I needed food or I could faint. When I weighed myself that morning I had not lost any weight. I kept telling myself that my breakfast falling on the floor would maybe help encourage my weight to go down. Looking back that was dangerous thinking. You should never skip meals to lose weight. 

   When I got home in between my morning and evening job I was rushing to eat that dinner cause I was starving. Of course I had that headache again because I didn’t eat breakfast and lunch was so small. After I ate the dinner I felt so full. I thought this should definitely hold me over till the morning. I was so wrong. I took water with me just in case to fill my stomach. Usually that works but this time it didn’t. My stomach had grown accustomed to me eating a small bag of chips while I was sitting in the coat check room.  So when I was not eating chips my stomach was like hey what’s the deal? Then it started growling like crazy. And again the headache came back. 

   I was so miserable and I did not understand what was happening. I didn’t get that sick the last time I did the diet. I just had a small headache because I wasn’t allowed to have dinner at the right time. This time I had dinner early and I still had a headache and was starving. I kept telling myself it’ll all be worth it once you lose the 10 pounds and it’ll kick start your healthy life. 

   The morning after the third day I could of delve into a whole bunch of unhealthy foods but I didn’t want to. I felt like my body is completely cleaned out of unhealthy salts and sweeteners. I wanted to eat fruits for breakfast and salads for lunch and just stay on a healthy kick. But those chips two days out came back. I did lose 8 pounds. I feel like if I had done coffee all three days I would have lost more and had less craving. 
     So the things that I learned from this diet is that I really do need to cut down on my sugar and salt intake. My father just suffered a heart attack and then directly after suffered a diabetic scare. My husband suffers from high blood pressure diabetes and my mother does too. My grandparents and my 3 uncle’s died at very young ages because of heart attacks. I feel like things need to change with me salt wise because no matter how much fruit, and vegetables I eat. No matter how much quinoa I consume, or if I give up meat, salt will probably be the thing to takes me out. 

   I know the three day diet may seem un safe. However it’s just eating smaller portions and cutting back on sugar and slat. It’s kind of a way to reprogram your brain to make healthier choices. It’s just up to you if that decision-making will stick or not in the long run. Now let me get back to that bag of chips I was eating. 

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