What’s new!

This is just a quick update about what new things to expect to see from WMHIDT. 

1.) more videos: I’ve given up on getting a new camera for now. But a really terrible/good thing happened. My I phone 4 died and I was forced to get a 5s. The camera is pretty good and I bought a phone tripod so I can do videos with out my hubby holding the camera. My job is on a short hiadus till October so I have ample free time to do more videos. 
2.) more blogs: I will be able to update my blog more also because of the aforementioned ample free time. 
3.) I will be online more: I know is that really possible? I am always on line at work and before I get to work. However; this time I should be able to respond more quickly to your comments and questions. It’s Easter for me to respond on my computer then my phone. 
So in conclusion I’m about to be all up in yo face ( and hair) a lot more. I promise I won’t annoy you. Everything in moderation right? 🙂 see you soon.