Feeling some type of way about natural hair blogging

Today is one of those days where I look at my hair facebook page and I feel like no one cares. I feel like no one really engages me when I ask a question on a post. No one shares or promotes my post even though they really like them. My numbers are going down. I just basically feel like I’m talking to myself. My YouTube channel is even worse.  I only have 3 followers that I’m not totally sure are real people. I keep promoting my videos on my facebook page because I have more followers. However; that formula doesn’t work cause I don’t get any views unless it’s me checking my videos to see if they uploaded properly. No one from my facebook page subscribe to my YouTube channel. The thing that bugs me the most sometimes is everyone I know wants me to promote their social media platforms, but a majority of them don’t ever supports mine. It feels like the equivalent of saying ‘we don’t believe in you and what your trying to do’. I’m the only one that believes in my vision and can see the bigger picture. The whole thing makes me a little sad. I’m not trying to come off complaining too much. This is just me venting today. Nevertheless something’s not connecting and I really don’t know what it is. If you have any advice on how to better engage my audience, it is most welcome.