Does hair have an expiration date?

This is something I’ve always wondered. What maid me think about it again today was my kinky twist extensions. As some of you know since my honeymoon I’ve been sporting kinky twist extensions. When I fist decide to do the twists I went to the nearest beauty supply to me which is like 5 min away to buy some hair. I waited patently for the sales girl to see me as I franticly waved and said excuse me. I got the feeling she was ignoring me which is a feeling I get a lot buying hair from this particular establishment. She African American and her boss is Asian so she better adjust that lazy attitude before she finds herself out of a job is what I usually think as she files her nails. So anyway as she looks at me  annoyed I ask her do they carry marly hair in my color. She cuts me off before I can finish my sentence and says no we don’t have your color and goes back to her manicure. Well I just sighed and went back to my car and drove to the second nearest beauty supply which is 5 min in the opposite direction. Yeah I live around my people so beauty supply’s are plentiful. I went in and they were really nice and helpful. They showed me my color right away and I went home pleased. When I got home I was on a time crunch. I needed to finish my hair in the next 24 hr so I won’t look like a crazy person on my flight. It’s my honeymoon so I really wanted to look good without having to style my hair everyday. It was very hot where we went so I knew my hair wouldn’t behave. I also knew I wanted to protect my hair from the elements.  When I opened the hair I noticed that it seemed much courser then it should be. It was not easy to brake apart or manipulate. The hair was just really stiff and rough. I had a similar situation in New Jersey with a different brand of hair. In fact there is a video on my YouTube Chanel about itWatch here. Anyway I was running out of time and that hair had to do the trick. I got it done in time and was whisked away. However I was not totally happy with the look of my hair but I just made due. Well today I was just fed up with my hair & I decided I will go get some more hair to add to make it look fuller. I was in the area of the first beauty supply so I gave them yet another try. Yes she still ignored me but when I did get her attention I picked up a pack of hair and asked is this my color cause I had forgotten. She gave me a quick curt yes. I was happy I only got one pack and moseyed on my way. When I got home I was shocked to find the hair soft and shinny. Free flowing even. This was a shock to me because I had purchased the same brand of hair. Yeah the same brand from two different stores. I don’t know what to make of it really. So I’m thinking either one store is selling an imposter or hair can expire and go bad like milk. What do you make of this situation?

P.S. my hair in the front looks so much better now. Must buy some more. 🙂