My top five natural hair bloggers of 2014

As an aspiring natural hair blogger and natural hair enthusiast I love to support my fellow naturals. If I know about someone on YouTube or Instagram etc. that has awesome natural hair, health and style tips I want to spread the word. I believe we should all promote each other so everyone can share in the wealth of knowledge of natural hair care. With that being said I want to give a shout out to some of my favorite natural hair bloggers of 2014 so you can know where I get my info from and share on. Have a Happy New Year! 

5.) MsVaughnTV
We’re from the same city so I guess that makes me a little biased. I don’t care! She helped me realize that I was dying my hair wrong from tips she learn from a stylist. She has classy videos with great editing. She’s a business woman with her own Boutique, and a loving and supportive sister. We all know how hard it’s been for her since her sister natural hair vlogger MeechyMonroe became sick. I can tell that she’s holding down the fort with new vlogs while taking care of sissy and planning a wedding. The fact that she’s keeping up with her Volgs while going through so many changes means a lot. It shows how important her subscriber are to her and her sister. 
4.) My Natural Sistas 
I couldn’t pick one sister so I put them all as a collective in the number four slot. I have a serious hair crush on them. Most of their hair tutorials are quick, to the point, and easy to understand. Then Carmen kick it up a notch with her Health and fitness vlogging. If you think about it why settle for just healthy hair when all of you can be healthy. All the sister are extraordinary in their own right, and they motivate their subscribers to be their better selves. 
3.) CharyJay
The queen if high definition hair. At least that’s what I like to call her. I don’t think I will ever get my twist-out/ Braid-outs to look nearly as amazing as hers. Then she dyed her hair which made her perfect waves and curls even better to see. Her video editing is extreme next level for vlogging.  I hope someday my videos will be somewhere near her level. She shows how much she cares about her subscribers by the amount of attention she pays to detail. She had a really rough year in her personal life but she still try’s to continue inspiring people. I can tell God has some big things in store for her in the new year. Just sit back and watch. 
2.) Toyaboo 
I’ve been a fan of Latoya Codner for a long time. I never noticed this until I recently watched one of her hair journey videos. I’ve been watching her since the transition video she did when she cried about people not accepting her decision to go natural. I subscribe to her channel because of that video, and it’s been awesome to watch someone grow in confidence overtime. Whenever she does do a hair tutorial she brings a youthful fresh take on styling Afro textured hair. She’s just extremely real which make me want to watch more. She lets you into her world which makes you feel you can trust her. She’s also extremely Pleasant to watch which again really helps when your watching a really long hair tutorial. 
1.) Naptural85
Let’s face it she’s just awesome. Even though we probably don’t share the same hair type I still like to follow a lot of her advice. I still try to recreate her hair style tutorials even though my hair is nowhere near her length. I just like her personality. She’s pleasant to watch with a really upbeat demeanor which is a must if I’m going to watch a 15 min hair tutorial. I’ve never met a natural that didn’t like her, and I believe it’s because she has a good spirit that draws people in. 
Well that’s it. Those are my top 5. What are yours?