Edge control is a naturals best friend sometimes.

           Today I’ve been playing around with fishtail braiding and my edges were looking a little rough. So I dug into My hair product drawers and pulled out the little hair survival kit my wedding hairstyles gave me. I only used it once on the honey moon never on the actual wedding day.
         Any way she gave me this little vile of edge control that I have know idea what the name is. It’s so tiny if I used it regularly I’d be out of it in a week. I’ve been using it really sparingly, but when I do use it it really does the trick. It’s amazing, smells good and it doesn’t flake up. It’s like a heavy grease that makes my edges lay down just like I like them.
             I should call her and Ask what she used, but I have this weird fear of calling people especially when I haven’t talked to them in a while. The worse part is the longer I wait the worse it gets. Yeah I got problems.
            Other hair news. It seems like my hair is responding well to me using only natural products like coconut oil and aloe Vera juice. Today it even seemed longer when I was styling it.
            I got some soreness from my last hairstyle. I think it’s from the hairpins I’ve been using. I got those out of the survival kit the wedding stylist gave me also. The down side to them is all the black paint is pealing off and getting into my hair:(. 
            I’m wondering if I’m allergic to the metal. When I wear fake jewelry my neck, arms, & ears breakout with exzima. I often get soreness  and bumps on my scalp when I do pinup styles with hairpins. I’m wondering if the same rules apply for my hair that do for my sensitive skin? If so how will I do my pinup styles with out hair pins?