New year new post ideas. 

It’s a new year and I haven’t posted anything in a while. Don’t get me wrong I have tones of new blog ideas. I just don’t know which one to post yet. I really want this blog to truly show you into the life and mind of a Chubby Curly Girl. I don’t want to just talk about fashion and hair. That’s not what this blogs sole purpose is. I’ve been thinking of doing blogs about things I’ve experienced in life to help others down the line avoid my mistakes. Some of the topics I’ve been playing around with are as follows.

 Dealing with Depression as a Christian. 

Staying true to yourself 

Dealing with people picking at your flaws


How to spot a problematic friendship.  

How not to get into a bad situation.AKA ( Don’t let the users use you up.) 

Why I created What My Hair is Doing Today. 

I’ve started all theses blogs but I really need to set some time to focus on each individual one and finish them. Until then tell me which blog you’re interested in reading about first.