#SayitwithyourdressSunday who wore it best.

This weeks #sayiywithyourdressSunday is a who wore it best me, or me!😃  

 My husband convinced me to get this dress at forever21. I’ve been playing with the style a bit to see if I can geta couple of different looks out of it. 

The first time I wore it I paired it with a Kimono because the straps are thin, and I planned to wear it to church.  The dress is very form fitting. I wanted to add a piece that would draw attention away form my curves. The idea is to keep it modest. My plan didn’t work as well as I hoped. I did get some side eyes form the church mothers.  So I waited a while for the scandal to die down and I decided to try to restyle the dress again this Sunday. 

The second time around I tried a denim vest and some Leopard wedge heels instead of the dollar store sandals. I was trying to achieve a little punk edge. I wore my very large Super Mario Brothers flower necklace to hide a little of the lowness of the neck line. The vest made my waist appear a little more cinched in while covering up the tiny spaghetti strap. Even though I felt more comfortable the second time around I still felt like I was being judged a little so this dress might have to be saved for weekend date nights and friendly gatherings. 

What look do you like best?

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