I’m wondering if purple hair is an employment deal breaker 

If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook you already know I put in purple Havanna mombo twist. I crochet them into my hair all night last night. Why you ask? I just felt like it. I wanted to do something daring while my job was on break. The random thing is the day before I went on a job interview and I may have the job. 

I did the worst interview I’ve every done with my actual hair in small (fuzzy) twist. I was sure I screwed that one up and would not hear from them again. So I put in these purple twist and for the first time in almost a year I get a call back.  

Now I’m worried to go back in with this purple hair. I’m so afraid that they will change their minds. Things have been really bad for us financially. I really need this job. I’m so worried my decision to take a chance will ruin my chances. 

Stay tuned…

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