Why colds can be scary for singers. 

   If you know me personally (which lets face it you don’t) you know that I get a lot of colds. Like a lot. It all started when I started dating my husband. He gets colds a lot too. I think it’s because he’s always chewing his nails. I’ve seen him on more the one occasion hold on to a railing bar on a public train then  immediately put his hands in his mouth. He always laughs at me when I yell that “everyone in Chicago has touched that! Do you know how many germs you are putting in your mouth!”  Then there’s the fact that he finishes his friends food if they don’t want the rest. I would never put anything that was near, in, or around someone else’s mouth in mine.( with the exception of kissing my husband)  I guess I’m a Germafobe cause there are times I’m positive he is always sick and getting me sick because of these bad habits. 

As a singer getting sick often forms a bit of aproblems for me. I miss prepaid voice lessons, life changing auditions, and scheduled singing engagement don’t go as well as I would like. My lack of upper register from flem limits me vocally at times. 

It’s also scary. I sometimes find myself wondering if this is it. Is this going to be the cold that kills my voice for good?

 I pray to God often “please please let my voice recover from this bad cold/cough.”

 I take all types of cold medicine and home remedies yet a month later he gets a cold and then I get it.  

There has been a lot of times I cough so much and so hard blood comes up. This is very frightening. When you cough it’s like slamming you vocal chords together very hard. It can cause a lot of bad friction that can create damage. I also often worry about getting polyps on my vocal cord. I don’t even think I have the money to get that fixed. 

Especially the times when we don’t have Heath insurance which happens often cause of my hubby leaving jobs he does not like, and mistakes the affordable care makes.  Every time I get really sick and go to the hospital our insurance gets accidentally cancelled.👀 They ( affordableCare)  never tell us it’s cancelled we just always find out when we get a bill from the hospital saying our insurance did not go through. Then we go through the motions of showing we paid our bill them reinstating us but I still need to pay my hospital bill my self. 

As a singer with uncertain healthcare I worry constantly. When I can’t sing I slip into depression. So if my voice goes away forever I really don’t know what will happen to me. It’s who I am. 

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