Why I started #SayitwithyourdressSunday ( it’s not a vanity thing it’s a movement)



    As a Christian and a human being I know sometime beauty and fashion blogging can be a turn off to most. When things involve the aspect of focusing on the appearance people tend to think it’s shallow, vain. I understand that completely. You don’t want to get caught up associating your self worth with your appearance. We all need to love who we are inside and out.


    Some of us have different ways of expressing ourselves outwardly. I like to let who I am on the inside shine thorough in my fashion choices. I’m a very creative person that believes in the word of God. I believe you should dress modestly but with your own funky flavor. 


    I don’t dress the way I do to gain attention. I just want to be comfortable in my own skin. I don’t want men to lust at me, so I’m always trying to find on trend modest clothes. However I don’t want to forgo my fashion sense in the process. 


    A lot of people believe if you’re going to church you have to dress a certain way. I’ve seen older saints chastised my self and others for not dressing to their liking. I’ve seen people not come to church because the did not feel they had nice enough clothes. I’ve even skipped church on many occasions because I new if I dressed how I wanted I would be subjected to ridicule. I just want to be me. If there’s no skin showing. If it’s not to short or tight what business is it of yours what styles I prefer.


    In 1 Samuel 16:7 it is explained that sometime we can judge people based on their outward appearance and not take the time to look within. I remember this Christian rapper The Ambassador came out with a song called My clothes my hair that was along the same topic lines. 


You really don’t know what’s in someone’s heart, so you shouldn’t judge them on what you like or don’t like about their look. I’ve known some people that dress fancy and come to every church event. They are there all week long, but they are the ugliest acting people you can meet.  They’ll get the Holy Ghost singing in the church choir but snub folks in the halls. 

If you judged them on they’re style and regular attendance you would think that they have it all together but the message is missing them all the time. You really need to take the time to talk to people to have a full understanding of what’s going on inside.  
I created #sayitwithyourdressSundays to show that Christian women can dress modest but trendy with no judgement. That fashion sense in the church can change without fear from the side eye from the church mothers. It’s my creative way to show how your style can reflect the believer within.


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