Last Sunday’s #SayitwithyourdressSunday featured a skirt I purchased at Rainbow for $17.97. 

It’s a Striped Wide-Pleated Scuba Skirt with High-Low Hemline. The material feels soft like styrofoam, and it makes it puff out like it has a extra support underneath. 

I pared it with some short boots I purchased at the defunct Dots clothing store a couple Christmases back.  

I wore a plain black turtleneck I got from Target 2 years ago with a silver statement necklace, and silver leopard circle earrings I recieved from two church buddies of mine. 

Now let’s focus on my hair. My curls were originally achieved with a wash N go. After that got old I decided to go with the tried and true three strand twist-out. I decided to bun the front of my hair because my hair is a different texture in the front. The curls were not as prominent. 

Now if the top of my hair seems blue no that’s not a camera malfunction. I tried to spray it Blue with Jerome Russell Bwild hair color spray.  It did not work the way I planned but you can see it in bright light. 

As always I like to bend the rules a little when it comes to my Sunday Service style. Even though it’s not always recieved well I’ve been experimenting with my hair color. Pairing it with different outfits so it doesn’t seem out of place. So I’m thinking conservative punk. 

I know they don’t really go well together. We will see how this experiment goes. 

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