Taken for granted 

   I hate being taken for granted. I know this is a problem everyone deals with. I try not to take others for granted because I know how it feels, but it’s almost impossible for people not to get lost in the shuffle. 

  Life is hard. While we are all trying to survive we lose touch with friends, and family. They can’t help but feel unloved and unappreciated. 

  I feel like that a lot with my friends. I have friends at church that only talk to me at church. If I miss a few Sunday’s they don’t call or Facebook. A long time ago after a bad break up I stopped going to church for 6 months. None of my church friends called me once. I was heartbroken and I felt so alone. I realized out of sight out of mind is a real thing that can happen to a lot of friendships. 

  But what if your friends not doing well? What if they’re not ok? As someone who suffers from depression I can tell you that there have been more times then I can count that I was really low and close to the edge. No one called no one really wants to know how you really are doing. All these feelings are to messy for most people to handle. So they just fall back. 

Maybe sometimes we should just step out of our comfort zone get dirty and check on our people. Sure It makes us uncomfortable, but in the end we might help someone. 

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