Why some people see natural hair as childish

Whenever I have a conversation with one of my friends that has relaxed hair they often bring up the fact that they like my hair. However one draw back for them going natural is the fact that they believe that natural hair is not for adult occasions. Some style are perceive as childish. I can understand from hearing their point of view how they have come to that belief. If you really think about it some of the styles us adult naturals wear are close in similarity to the styles we wore as kids. Take today for instance. I’m rockin chunky three-strand twist. I normally wouldn’t wear my hair in such large twist in public, but I’m trying to achieve a good twist- out for Mother’s Day. As I looked in the mirror before I left work I felt like I looked like my adolescent self. All I had to do was add some barrettes and I was six again. When you are 33 you want people to take you seriously. Sadly in today’s world some people will still see your natural hair as immature. 

What a lot of people don’t realize is that natural hair is very versatile. I have three Pinterest boards dedicated to natural hair styles. One of them has 1,317 pins of ways to style natural hair. However to some it all looks the same. So people believe that natural hair can not come off polished, and sometimes I have to agree with them. I’ve planned pinned and pasted my hair with gels and pomades and my hair still will be a frizzy mess at the end of the day. To an outsider this can be less ideal. Most of us veteran naturals just roll with the punches. 

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