What’s a product junkie to do?

      Lately I’ve been trying to use less products and create a better hair regime. In the past I would get so caught up in the next best new product that I would switch up products every few months. It always happened the Same way. Super popular hair blogger does review of a product. Talks about it like its the holy grail, and I have to go out and get me some. Never mind what I was using even if it was working. I was convinced that this next new best thing would surpass that. We all know I’m hard headed so it took a while to realize all this product hopping was damaging my hair. I still revert back to my old ways from time to time. But I’ve been trying to stay away from product reviews to resist the urge.

      Theirs just one problem. What if I walk into target and see a lot of new natural hair products. Am I strong enough to walk on by. It’s been a heard  couple months for me. I’ve been finishing up all my old products to make room for one new one. Once I find that one  system that works for me I need to commit. I don’t know why it’s so hard for me, but when some of my favorite lines like Shea Moisture comes out with a new product I can’t resist. 

     One of the side effects I’ve noticed that occurs when I switch things up to much is dandruff. My scalp uses this way to say I don’t like that. Everything gets real itchy and sometimes I get bumps around my edges. At first I thought I was styling my hair to tight. But even in a loose bun or fro I have this problem.

 So I need to just find what works and never stray. In the next couple of weeks I’m going to try some new Shea moisture products. I already know which ones of the older lines I seem to be allergic to. So I’m going to give some of their more recent lines a try. I already like a lot of the Jamaican black castor oil line so I’m half way there. If your having the same problem as I am you can try commiting to trying less lines and finding that one that works and sticking with it. 

It’s a lot to become a recovered product junkie. But when the end result is healthy hair it’s worth it. 

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