Shrinkage sucks

My hair is shorter than it use to be so when shrinkage happens it just ruins my mood a little. Basically for those who do not understand. If you are African American that has let your hair grow out in its natural texture it is liable to look different in the next hour after you style it.  Basically it will shrink up and look shorter. Now there are ways to stretch your hair using heat or other stretching hair styles. However this does not mean your hair is save from reverting back and shrinking up. Most of the time for me it’s a toss up between what the weather is doing or what I’m doing. Like if it rains my hair will be moisturized by the water but once it drys it will shrink. My hair can be really unpredictable if I leave it out. If I pin it up and do tuck and roll type hair styles its more reliable. But as I mentioned in previous blogs I think I’m allergic to metal hair pins so I might have to start to style

 it in a different way that may be left out. So it really peeves me when I do such styles like twist outs wash and go’s and such and I lose my length before I get off the train for work. I hate it when people ask me did I cut my hair especially when they are black. They should know the deal. I hate it when people insinuate I put prices in my hair when I do pinup styles because they think my hair was to short to do that. My hair is healthy so I’m not mad at that but it really shrunk up this week and its frustrating.   

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