I shouldn’t care but I do.

So today on my way to work. These two young people was making fun of my hair. They thought I couldn’t here them because I had on headphones, but I had them turned down real low so I could hear the stops being called. I know it should not have hurt me because I know my hair looks good today. However; it did sting a bit. It was a boy and girl. The girl had one of those plastic looking lace front wigs on almost to her eyebrows. I felt like your one to talk. Your hair came from mettle ya broke down Barbie. You look ridiculous and have the nerve to crack on me. My hair grew out my head for free. You payed to look terrible. It hurt as you can see and it resulting in me mentally bashing a person of my race for there hairstyle choice. This is something I try to avoided. I believe in to each his own. If you can’t hang with team natural in the words of shameless Maya do you boo. Today it irked me and hurt me. I really don’t know why. I should be use to it I’ve been natural for so long. As I got off at the train station I saw so many natural sistas with big medium and small curls. I thought I’m not a minority I’m part of the new majority. So why should I care if some people don’t get it they are a small group. I still do sometime though. It’s a weird feeling to be shameless and shamed at the same time. ūüė¶¬†

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