Can some hair styles promote brain damage?

So it happened again today. I got a head ache from my hairstyle. This happens to a lot of naturals I know so I know I’m not alone. It usually occurs when I put my hair up I a high puff, or a bun. When I reach up into my scalp it’s like all the skin on top of my head is bunched up in one spot. When I finally can’t take no more and take it down I can physically feel my scalp slowly moving back into its original intended position Ouch! I usually avoid those styles because after I get a head ache I get a sinus infecting for some reason. It last all day sometimes 3 days. Which you can imagine is bad business for a singer. In college I avoided these styles like the plague during my vocal juries. I always feel like I’m causing some serious long term damage there like a blood clot or tumor. I know of some ways to avoid the head ache when your hair is in a high puff from a video I saw on YouTube from my natural sisters. It basically involves a two part puff that looks like one in the end. However, today I was already feeling sick so I was not about to take a chance on adding a head ache to the equation. I didn’t get to wash my hair Monday like intended, so I had to wash and style my hair before I went to work. I was on a time crunch and I needed a quick style to do so I could get a nap in before work. I really did not want to come in to work at all. I hurts to breathe as I type this now. So I looked at the Time and estimated how much time I could spend on my hair in order for me to take some cold medicine and take a nap.  I looked through My Pinterest board natural hair styles for inspiration and I came across one style that I know I had done before. I did the style without pining my ends under however, because my hair is still shorter then it use to be because of that stylist cutting it. My hair kept popping out and looking crazy so I just left it all out. Ok here’s what I did. I put my hair in three small pony tails in the back and a pompadour in the front. That’s it and this gave me a head ache. It’s not to tight or high but my head and nose hurt. That does not go well with it hurting in my chest when I breathe.  😦 I really hope this goes away cause I really don’t feel like changing my hair. 

P.S. I put coconut oil I’m my hair today. I must have a fever because its running down the side of my face. Not cool 😦 

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