Maybe it’s not so bad.

So I’ve had a couple days with my hair and I’m thinking maybe the cut was a good thing. She said my hair would be a lot Easier to comb through and it is. Plus it’s started doing that curly thing it use to do when I fist went natural. The feel and texture came back. And it seems like my hair is happy again. It does what I want and I feel this might be a chance to start over again and take care of it better. I’m not sure, but I feel like this thing I didn’t want could turn into a good thing. We will see. Something I want to keep an eye on is I do have some sore bumps on my sides. It might be a result of the design essential the stylist used on my hair, but I really liked how it made my hair curl up and I want to get some more today. I hope I’m not allergic to it cause it works nice. 

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