Back to the drawing board. Wedding hair issue.

  So it happened again. I went to the beauty shop. Told the beautician she can clip my ends. I look up and she’s cut my hair real short. Why does this happen? Ends are supposed to be small right ? All the hard work I’ve been doing for the past two year with protective styles and product research down the drain. My hair was shoulder length now it reaches my lip with great strain. Let me start at the beginning. I’m getting married on the 22 of this month. My wedding is 7 days away. My coordinator set me up with her stylist who she told me does natural hair. So yesterday was my practice run. I told her she could clip my ends when we last met up. She text me a week before and ask me if I still wanted her to cut my hair. That should have been the first warning. I corrected her and said you are supposed to clip my ends. I thought that got things straight. I get to the shop on the day and she spritz my hair with some water or what ever was in that bottle. And blow drys my hair straight without putting on a heat protector on it first. Smoke is coming up and she tells me it’s just the products I have left in my hair. My hair smells burnt. She starts clipping and I didn’t see any hair on the. I felt like she was angling  my hair a certain way so I could not see how much was being cut or see it on the ground. After she was done I felt like my hair was shorter but I thought it was just shrinkage. She told me my hair was longer on one side then the other and she needed to even it out. I have to admit I always felt like the opposite side was longer so I let her proceed. I should have said something. But I was scared. It’s a week before my wedding and I really don’t want to find a new stylist. A lot of things have been going wrong with the wedding and I honestly didn’t want to have to deal with one more problem. I said nothing and now I have shorter hair. She then told me that in order to do the style I want for my wedding I needed extent ions and the are $15 .  She said my hairs to short now. 😦 Well I’m putting in large Havana twist after the wedding so I won’t have to do my hair on our honeymoon. My plan is to keep my hair in twist on and off for a couple of months and see what type of length retention I get. I hope it at least looks nice for the wedding. :/ here is a pic of my trial hairstyle. I had curls in the front done with flex rods and a twist out done in the back. My hair in the back is pinned up. She didn’t add enough pins because its been falling down since I left the shops. Oh we’ll back to the drawing board. 

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