I made my own glitter Mickey Ears. 

   So like most morning I started my day on YouTube and Pinterest looking at DIY’s. I just got a really cool job at the Disney Store and I’ve been really into Disney DIY. I came across this video on YouTube where this one vlogger was gluing sequins onto Mickey Mouse ears. 

   Later that day I had to go on an errand for my sister to pick up some Mickey Mouse decorations for my nephews first birthday. She sent me to party city with some money from my mom and an unfinished list. 

   My sister is a little indecisive at times so it left me wandering around in party city with only 10 minutes before closing. I was waiting on her to respond to my text weather to get one thing or another when I came across these ears. 

   They’re  Mickey Mouse ears for a kid, but I think they can fit my head too. After finding the ears it sent me on another scavenger hunt of my own looking for a substitute to sequence. I need it to be affordable cause I was using the leftover change that my mom said I could keep.

    I really don’t have money right now to just do DIY’s on the spur of the moment. But luckily after  asking some of the employees I found the perfect solution Large Confetti! I used Fabric glue that I keep at my house to repair torn Clothes. It was a relatively quick DIY. I might add a bow later I haven’t decided. Let me know what you think. 



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