Scalp massaging scalp pain and my quest to find a solution.

Back in the day when I still had a perm. I had this male hairstylist that was heavenly to look at, and he really took care of my hair too. When he would wash my hair he would massage my scalp and make me have an out of body experience. None of my other old stylist had ever done something like that for me. It felt so good and relaxing even though it made me feel a little uncomfortable because a straight man that I was not dating was massaging my scalp into complete contentment. I think I might have passed out once. I know he put me to sleep twice to my knowledge. Did I mention he was fine.
 This was the first time I was introduced to scalp massaging to promote long hair growth. He told me he was trying to increase circulation to my scalp which I had never heard of, but my hair did grow like crazy. He was the first stylist that wanted my thick hair to grow long. Most hair stylist complained and tried to convince me to cut it short. When I wouldn’t comply they would tell me they need to clip my ends and cut it short any way without my permission. When my hair started growing I figured he knew what he was doing. 
One day I showed up for my appointment and he was gone. The lady that replaced him took one look at my long hair and said we need to cut this it’s to much work for me. After that I forgot about the massages for a while. That was untitled I saw a string of YouTube videos on massaging your scalp with essential oils to promote long hair growth. So yesterday I decided to give it a try. 
  I mostly thought of trying this out because my scalp is still really sore despite my refrain from updos and hair pins. Last week I did Minnie twist and unraveled them over time to revile a tiny tendril look of curls.  However to my dismay when I washed my hair yesterday my scalp seamed even more irritated and sore to the touch. 
When I started rubbing the sore patches in the top and sides of my scalp the pain subsided a little. 
I had done a deep condition regiment with Greek yogurt, apple cider vinegar and instead of my usual lavender oil I used peppermint oil. The peppermint oil made my scalp really tingly so I thought it’s already on my scalp so let’s try this massaging thing out to see if it will alleviate my scalp pain. 
    It did for a while but it came back after a some time had passed. The hairstyle I’m sporting this week probably isn’t helping 😦 
anyway I’m going to keep it up anyway. I don’t know why my hair is so sore. I’m not so sure it’s the hair pins anymore. It could be the scarf I tie around my head at night to keep my hair in place. Maybe it’s to tight. If this keeps up I may have to go to the doctor.  Really can’t afford that right now. 
The products I’ve been using are coconut oil,Aloe Vera juice, design essentials curling moose and twist spray. Dark and lovely au natural curling stuff( I only used a little. ) I washed with the nothing but clarifying shampoo. And Shea moistures African black soap conditioner to restore ph balance. That’s it.
    This week all I used was the coconut oil Aloe Vera juice and entwined argon oil. On a bright side my hair has grown. I can tell cause I’m starting to see my roots and my gray hairs are peaking out. That’s all I’ve been up to. If you have any tips please let me know. 

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