I tried the Greek yogurt deep conditioner from naptural85

It was amazing!!! Whitney AKA naptural85 is a genius to me. I love all her videos and natural remedies, and that baby is the cutest. I tried the Greek yogurt conditioner recipe and even though I did get it on most surfaces in my bathroom I managed to get enough in my hair to make an impact. My new husband was still a little weirded out as to why I was putting food in my hair but he’ll get use to it. Last time I told him I put bananas,milk, eggs, honey and cinnamon in my hair cause a different hair blogger said it maid her hair grow. So he kept dabbing my hair with a piece of bread in public. I was not amused. Anyway the yogurt lavender and apple cider  vinegar really de-tangled my hair well. It was as if the nots came loose as soon as the mixture hit my ends. I was really pleased and my hair felt great. I did end up using shampoo only because my hair was really dirty from the twist. However next time I won’t. Also my hair really felt moisturized from the aloe Vera juice:) I’m really happy. I still used a non homemade hair product to do my twist outs. The first picture is of my hanging twist out. The others is of my flat twist out. Have a blessed day! 🙂      

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