Will hair become damaged and brake off if you don’t dye it regularlyafter getting it colored?

         Is it true that if you don’t dye your hair regularly it will break off. Lately I’ve been thinking about not dying my hair anymore. I’m trying to figure out a healthy path to get my hair to the level I think it can reach. 

         The last time I had it dyed was for the wedding. I went darker. Actually it looks like my original hair color. I picked the color form a swatch the stylist showed me and after she was done the color didn’t seem to show up on my hair. Only time I kinda started to see my color was on the honeymoon in the Bahamas on a really hot day. I could see it through the twist extensions. It was as if that supper hot sun lightened my hair which I know is possible. Just never really saw my hair do that before. Any-who my hair is colored but very close to my own color. 

          So I’m thinking of laying off the color for a while. Something my old stylist said still rings in my head from time to time when ever I think about quitting color. She told me its like a relaxer. If you stop coloring your hair it will brake off so keep coming in regularly for touch ups on your roots. Now she could have been just telling me this to keep me as a costumer. 

         She was my stylist when I had a relaxer and since I had gone natural I styled my own hair. The only time I came in was for color and I came in far and few between because she charged $75 for color and a wash. She didn’t use to charge that much till I went natural too. Also after she colored my hair and washed it I went home with wet hair and styled it myself. It wasn’t long before I decided that I should just get a $8 box of dye and do it my self.  I always wondered though if she was advising me right about hair braking off and such or was she just scrambling to keep a customer. 
         It must have been really shocking to her. I mean I went from coming in every 4 weeks for years, to going MIA for a year and a half to transition, only to resurface to ask her to cut all my relaxed hair off. Something she advised me against. She also advised me to get a texturizer to make my curl pattern softer. I’m glad I didn’t listen to that advice because I soon found out my hair is very soft and has a very cute curl. I hope she was lying about this. If not I soon will find out. Let me know if you have heard anything about this? If anyone is even reading this. Oh  well I’m a do this for me 🙂 I need documentation as a blue print for my hair success. The only other thing I’m worried about is handling all my gray hairs showing up. Peace out home skillets.  

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