Is it the head or what u put on it that makes hair grow long???

        So as you know I’ve been havering some problems with my hair. It just was not feeling healthy like it did when I started out on this natural journey. I’ve come to some conclusion it might be what I’m putting on my hair, but I’m not totally sure if this is the case.

             In the beginning there was hair and me. No YouTube hair crunches with super defined lush long locks. No natural hair bloggers with all the knowledge on our hair and what we are doing wrong and what we should be doing. Just me and hair and me trying stuff out. My hair liked the organic root stimulator olive oil and sta sof fro combo I did when styling, and my hair seemed fine and clean when I used Pantene Pro V for ethnic hair. 

     My hair was thick and long even though back then I didn’t realize it. I stumbled across some blogs and YouTube videos one day and decided to abandon my regime and go in search of product that were approved by the natural hair community. Nothing really worked and my hair started feeling like dry brittle crap. 

    Then I started to lose length and I started panicking and doing constant protective styling. My hair stayed on a steady downward sloop until my stylist cut it for the wedding. I was really upset till I realized my hair felt a little like its old self. So now I’m thinking this is a chance to start over and really grow some heathy  hair. I’m thinking about letting go of a lot of my product junkie ways and using homemade products like naptural85. She is a big hair crush of mine and I’ve 

 been watching her videos for a long time. The thing that always bothered me was I’ve been natural 
A lot longer then her and her hair is crazy long. Now I say I want my hair her length 
But I know it’s a lot of work and I probably will get sick of it. All I’m thinking 
about these days is how it looks so much healthier then mine. I’m wondering is here hair healthier then mine because
She uses all natural things in her hair or is it that my hair has reached it’s peek .
Will it never be healthy or long? Is it my hair or the stuff I put on it.? I’m making some changes .
I’m taking adult multivitamins now which is something I haven’t done since I was a kid.
Also I’m going to try and clip my hair more often. It might not be every 8 weeks like the stylist suggested but I will try more to keep them healthy.
Also I’m goi g to try some homemade natural hair and body recipes. It won’t 
be right away because I just got married and my husband hasn’t been working lately so we broke.  
One thing I will be trying soon is   naptural85 Greek yogurt deep conditioner. I’m not sure if she still uses this, but I was watching the video today

And I realized I have majority of the ingredients already. All I need is Greek yogurt
. I’ll let you know how it feels. I just want to make some changes and have some
 healthy hair.  I think someone should start a 60 day naptural85 hair challenge. Well that was my random thought for the day.

P.S. I’ve been spraying my hair with aloe Vera juice with a drop of lavender essential oil. Feels nice on my scalp. I really can’t wait till I take down these chunky twist extensions :/

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