My hair don’t like me no more :(

I’m trying to whip my hair into shape for the wedding, but it won’t do what I tell it any more. It seems shorter like it has broken off but I don’t see a lot of hair coming out when I comb or finger detangle. I finally go a denman brush. I really like it, but its hard to keep clean. It gets all this gunk in it when I use it which is strange cause I’ve been trying to use less product. The dandruff came back so I changed some things up again. When I got really low on the patine co wash and cholesterol I started rinsing my hair with apple cider vinegar. I did this because I read on black girl long hair that it can stop dandruff. After that I melted down some Shea butter and ground up some vitamin c and put the whole thing in my hair. I’m not sure how much because i just eyeballed it. The first time my hair felt great. It was soft and shinny. The next time I must have used to much Shea butter cause my hair was very sticky. I did a braid out for my bridal/bachelorette party but it was way to fluffy and had little to know definition even despite the fact that I rolled it with flex rods. The rest of this week my hair has been a big epic fail that has put me in a funk all this week. ūüė¶ we will see what happens.¬†

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