So you decided to go natural?

So you decided to go natural. It seem so simple and elegant so it was a fairly easy decision to make. You did not make this decision lightly. You did all the research and watched all the YouTube tutorials you could stand till you finally mustered up the courage to do a big chop. Now your in this you’ve fully transitioned, your natural. Now what? What do I do with this mass of hair on my head. That’s when reality hit you. I have to learn how to manage my hair. I want to look nice. What hair styles work for what event and situation? I need to figure out how to look presentable by my standards and know one else’s. who am I really. Yeah it just got that deep. I know it’s just hair it does not define you, but people will try to put you in a box just because of how you wear your hair. It’s your decision of if you will let them or if you want to fit in. Even in the natural world there are these so called hair police that will try to box you in to their way of thinking. Just because you big chopped does not mean you are free from oppression. There will alway be someone out there that thinks they know what is best for all and there way of whatever is law. I my self only bow down to God and his law so if I want to dye my hair purple it my business not yours. So you want to go natural hey? It’s a journey that’s different for everyone. This is your journey no one else’s. enjoy the process, the mistakes the love affair with your coils. This is about you defining you by your standards. Enjoy!!!

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